Sarah Rooney

Practical wellness through homeopathy and family health

About Me

I am a wife, mother, Practical Homeopath, and fertility care practitioner with a passion for helping women and families. From a young age, I had issues with chronic illness but it taught me to keep learning new ways to holistically help myself, and now my family as we navigate childhood and elder care challenges.

I bring together many years of natural health education, women’s health and cycles coaching, and homeopathy to educate, and help uproot so many issues that affect our health and quality of life.

I can assist many areas of family wellness:

  • Women’s health and cycles at all stages
  • Acute and chronic homeopathic care for family ailments
  • Homeopathic support for stress and mental/emotional concerns
  • Children with different needs
  • Elder care and dementia support

Learn with Me

Join my weekly-ish email sharing all things wellness for you and your family at all stages of life, homeopathy tips, and insights in the healing journey.

Current Offerings

Family/Health Consult:

Pick my brain on the topics of family and children’s health, women’s health, fertility and cycles, elder care, and come away with a list of actionable items tailored to your needs.

Practical Homeopathy Consultations:

Our center utilizes Practical Homeopathy, which uses specific protocols for certain conditions gathered from around the world and thousands of documented clinical studies, as well as using each client’s symptoms as a guide to the correct remedy choices. Our Practical Homeopathy Wellness package encompasses 5-6 months so that we can allow your body to do the gentle healing work, and that you have the support you need in the process.

When coming to Sarah, I was finally able to learn what my body was telling me and how to tune my attention to what was already happening within my body. I was blown away by the insights and subsequent treatment I received because of my ability to learn how to understand my cycle.



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