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Want more natural solutions, but not sure how to start? I curate options for your unique needs and preferences. 

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True help for infertility, miscarriages, painful periods, irregular cycles, PMS, PCOS, and family planning through charting your cycles. 

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I am here to support and guide you in your journey to authentic women's health and wholeness, and to help you create an action plan for peace!

For me, charting was largely about my physical health. I’ve been through the paces with doctors and different hormonal medications to relieve my symptoms. But, none of the solutions doctors gave me “fixed” my problems - or truly addressed why my problems occurred. Charting has allowed me to understand my body so much better. Being more aware of what my body is telling me helps me to take care of myself better.



When coming to Sarah, I was finally able to learn what my body was telling me and how to tune my attention to what was already happening within my body. I was blown away by the insights and subsequent treatment I received because of my ability learn how to understand my cycle. 


 I was able to finally end over 20 yrs of pain that was being caused by undiagnosed Stage 3 endometriosis. I was able to take the steps to treat this underlying cause of many of my symptoms and I’m happy to report that not only was my fertility spared, but I am a Mom to two beautiful children, who would likely not be here had I not learned about this.